Roblox Storyshift Chara

Roblox Storyshift Chara – When Chara dies the primary time, they’ll refuse to die studying “Huff… Puff. I can not allow you to go. This is not over. Final.. CHANCE.” and respawn with full HP, 240 ATK, and 140 DEF. They are going to steadily lose HP and ATK (about 1 HP & ATK per second) as much as 40 HP and 100 ATK.

Chara begins with the blue bar below their energy. This may enable Chara to dodge any direct assaults till the blue bar dries up, as soon as the Dodge Bar dries up Chara enters Section 2 and loses the bar fully. Dodge Bar has 50 HP and shares Stage 2 DEF.

Roblox Storyshift Chara

Roblox Storyshift Chara

The person stabs ahead on the opponent’s soul. If the assault lands each of your screens will present the opponent a number of white timber. The opponent is then despatched backwards.

The Manic Magician — Cutetanuki Chan: Underfell Arts And I am Not

The person calls 4 knives within the form of a cross on the mouse or lock goal. Then they’ll fly to the within earlier than they disappear. This motion could be repeated 3 instances earlier than it cools down.

The person hits the bottom with a knife, if the slam succeeds, the opponent will get damage on the bottom and the person will say: “whats up mirror =)”, then the person calls 2 blasters that make the opponent fly. (The slam solely hits one individual, nevertheless, if somebody is in the best way when the blasters shoot them they’ll take injury and knock again)

The person sends a burst of rainbow chaos in entrance of the person and does a small quantity of injury to the goal when it’s hit.

The person sends 2 rainbow chaos blasters on the goal and each of them journey proper and left reverse to the place they have been positioned, in a sweeping movement they first meet on the goal.

Storyshift Chara Vs. Underswap Papyrus

The person sends out 4 chaos blasters in a sq. formation with every blaster going right into a ranged movement at various intervals.

4 Blasters [ ] In a pentagon form The person sends out 5 chaos blasters every shifting in numerous intervals.

The person throws knives that they throw on the goal, these lock into the enemy and can comply with them till they hit them however they’ll disappear if Chara hits or after 8 seconds. Does a bit of knockback and stun the enemy.

Roblox Storyshift Chara

8 knives went up and opponents fell one after the other. If a knife hits an opponent they’re pinned to the bottom. Lengthy chilly

Jesus Storyshift Chara Final Breath Section 3 Seems to be Like She/he Is Excessive On One thing

A smiling face appeared and proper after many knives have been thrown from all sides on the opponent, this was a robust assault. Lengthy chilly

Word: Every reminiscence causes your good friend to do the assault. Additionally they all share the identical cooldown, so utilizing one will make them cool.

Just like Asgore’s Hearth 2, it creates a ghost subsequent to the participant who shoots fireballs out in a rotating sample and prompts twice in burst 2, this transfer hits each fireball it hits, it is scary if they can’t transfer shortly or block regardless of the motion. does lower than 0.1 injury per fireball.

Stars begin falling from the sky in direction of the enemy, if the opponent blocks it, their block will immediately bounce and they’re going to get hitstun even when they aren’t collectively they’ll get hitstun.

Made Ss Chara In Gacha Membership

A number of vibrant bullets got here out in a hoop, closing shortly in direction of the enemy’s place in a spiral.

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