Roblox Bob The Builder

Roblox Bob The Builder – Have you ever heard of a present known as Bob the Builder? It jogged my memory quite a bit like Thomas the Tank Engine. I had a couple of DVDS (in addition to some VHS tapes) after I was about 5 to six years previous.

Nicely, there was an episode of Season 9 that was purported to be the final episode earlier than Mission: Construct It began, however the episode, “Methods and the Bug” was the final episode of Season 9 as an alternative.

Roblox Bob The Builder

Roblox Bob The Builder

I’m a 13 12 months previous boy residing in UK. My father handed away few months in the past and since then I used to be depressed. Sooner or later, my mother and I had been at a video retailer searching for some Bob the Builder DVDs. I discovered a clean DVD simply titled “Bob the Builder”. I purchased the DVD, and took it residence. I regarded on the again cowl that contained the episodes:

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I popped the disc into my laptop computer, however after I completed all of the episodes on the DVD, I noticed one thing I would by no means seen on the DVD menu. The final episode slightly below the fourth had the title in purple font, “Offended Dizzy” I assumed this was some form of unaired episode, however I acquired curious. I clicked on it, and it went straight to the theme track, which was regular. After that, the episode began with a typical city setting with the title, “Offended Dizzy”. Written by Jimmy Hibbert. It regarded dizzy in Bob’s yard, although it regarded unhappy.

“Why would my crew dump me?!” Dizzily cried earlier than she started to shake and growl at one level. She additionally started to indicate indicators of anger, and even contempt for her personal mates. The subsequent shot confirmed her once more however solely this time she was surrounded by a sheet that learn “I Coronary heart Hitler” with a coronary heart and cranium printed on it as an alternative of the phrase coronary heart. The subsequent scene reveals Pilchard sitting on the street. Dizzy then noticed Pilchard and yelled “Get out you soiled animal!” This was the place issues began to select up. Pilchard was dizzy. He then drags the cat’s corpse and laughs evilly.

Then, dizzy, he dragged himself to the farm. Travis and Spud hail her however Dizzy is holding the gun utilizing her left entrance wheel.

“D-Dizzy? The place did you get that gun? And the place’s Farmer Pickles? What’s gotten into you?!” Spud requested with concern.

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“No, please! I am sorry Dizzy! I did not imply to make enjoyable of you!” Dizzy does not pay attention and shoots Travis in the precise eye. His eyes had been purple now from dizziness as he walked again into Bob’s yard. oh god Will she kill the remainder of her machine crew? First, she kills Pilchard, then she destroys Travis and Spud. Then I noticed that I’ve grow to be dizzy.

He cuts the remainder of the machines in Bob’s yard, having a break day. Then they regarded dizzy, clearly trying very indignant. I am not even kidding. She was livid. Roli stated,

“What do you imply by leaving me behind?!” Then in a daze he grabbed a knife utilizing one in every of his entrance tires and stabbed Roli within the left eye with it. This causes Roli to endure, then dies a couple of seconds later. This scared the opposite machines.

Roblox Bob The Builder

“D-Chucky! I noticed what you probably did to Rolly! Why?!” Scoop panics as he tries to get away from her however Dizzy stabs Scoop with a knife as he screams in ache, dying nearly immediately and falling on his facet because the oil begins to leak. Mack tries to cease Dizzy from killing anymore however is shot by his pal. This was not acceptable. I observed that Lofty heard Dizzy calling his title.

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“Then go to hell you whore!” Dizziness screamed in the identical grizzled man’s voice. She leapt ahead at Lofty after which stabbed him a couple of dozen instances. Now I used to be on the level of crying from Lofty, my favourite character destroyed by dizziness.

Bob informed Wendy concerning the information, they rushed to the work yard, however once they arrived it was too late.

“Oh, my, God.” Bob (and I) gasped in horror because the dizziness came visiting and sawed Bob’s cranium.

“Dizzy! What is the level of all this!?” Wendy shouted in a state of panic. Then he was repeatedly stabbed in a dizzy spell as clay blood and gore unfold in every single place.

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Fortunately, two British law enforcement officials (the one with the mustache was voiced by Neil Morrissey whereas the one with out the mustache was voiced by Rob Rackstraw) arrived and caught the now psychotic cement mixer as his eyes glowed purple as soon as once more. He then fainted within the court docket. In court docket had been Mr. Bentley, Mrs. Bentley, Mr. Dixon, Mr. Ellis, Mr. Fothergill, Mrs. Broadbent, J.J., Skip, Methods, and Mrs. Potts.

Now it was time to get dizzy. She defined that after killing Bob, Wendy and their can-do crew, she additionally electrocuted Mr. Beasley, threw Mr. Sabatini into an oven and burned him to demise, and shot Molly.

“If you wish to know why I did this to all of you, if you happen to do not,” lastly started to growl.

Roblox Bob The Builder

“I at all times needed to be a Nazi! So that you be Jews! I am going to kill you all!!!” She stated in a demonic male voice. Then Dizzy grabs a handgun and shoots everybody, shaking it like a madman sending clay blood flying in every single place.

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“Hail Hitler! Hail Hitler!!!” Dizzy yelled in a demonic man’s voice that now seemed like Neil Morrissey. Feeling dizzy, he pulled the set off and shot himself in the precise eye.

It then went to the same old finish credit. I used to be disturbed after watching this episode. Like, what? This present would not make an episode as horrible as this one! I burned the disc with a lighter and threw it out. I by no means watched Bob the Builder after watching that episode. In case you ever see an episode like this in a child’s cartoon like Bob the Builder, do not watch it.

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