Hank Get The Sweet And Sour Sauce Roblox Id

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Hank Get The Candy And Bitter Sauce Roblox Id

Hank Get The Sweet And Sour Sauce Roblox Id

Walt Screaming within the Automobile, also referred to as Hank Get the Candy and Bitter Sauce, refers to a 4chan put up parodying the scene in Breaking Unhealthy the place Walter White yells at Hank to get the candy and bitter sauce out the automobile window, not the barbecue. The unique scene sees Walt yelling at Hank to warn him of the boys coming to kill him. The put up was made to 4chan in February 2021, unfold over the course of a 12 months, and mixed with edits that includes the Insanity Fight and Friday Night time Funkin characters Difficult and Hank, spawned a meme format by which Walt tried to warn Hank about varied issues. .

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Walter White is proven screaming at Hank Shrader from a locked automobile, attempting to warn him that individuals are going to come back and kill him. A person offered parody dialogue for the scene that imagines White screaming about candy and bitter sauce, “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK GET THE SWEET AND SOUR SAUCE” (proven beneath).

Person 4 posted a macro picture referencing the runner put up, incomes 300 smiles in 4 days (proven beneath).

Collection, together with a voiceover shouting put up textual content (proven beneath). The video has garnered 13,000 views and 1,700 likes in two weeks. The video has been re-uploaded to YouTube

On Might 27, it gained 30,000 views through the comparable interval (proven beneath). Soundtrack is managed by Twitter

Meme From The New Tgf Video

This edit impressed a number of different movies and memes, with Difficult yelling at Hank from the automobile. For instance, on Might 31, YouTuber

ChimeraArtist posted an animation of the scene set to an nameless recording of the textual content from the unique put up, garnering 618,000 views in only one week (proven beneath, left). On June 3, YouTuber

Jay’s Studio posted one other animation, imagining the scene, that garnered 440,000 views in per week (proven beneath, proper).

Hank Get The Sweet And Sour Sauce Roblox Id

Daniel Santos posted a 3D animation set to the audio of the unique edit, garnering 1,400 views and 40 saves on Newgrounds in 5 days (proven beneath).

Hank Get The Candy And Sauce

Memes and fan artwork referencing the edits grew to become in style on Reddit in June, notably on /r/Insanity Fight.

For instance, on June 7, redditor u/kykbln posted a chunk of fan artwork to each subreddits that featured edits depicting Difficult crying after getting barbecue sauce, garnering over 1,100 upvotes for the previous and over 2,900 votes in three days. (proven beneath, left). On June 10, Redditor u/pestgram posted a chunk of fan artwork to /r/MadnessCombat

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